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HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN HYBRID PROPULSION TO A The electric engine is directly connected to the flywheel of the diesel engine. Whenever you use the electric engine it is decoupled from the combustion engine by means of a clutch. In this mode several batteries supply the energy. The true electric engine drives the boat through the propeller. The re-charging of the batteries is secured once the diesel engine is being used and the electric engine works as a dynamo. The rather large electric engine, however, also works in a sort of reversed way. It simultaneously supports the diesel engine just like a serious generator or starter engine. WHAT MAKES THE STEYR HYBRID PROPULSION SPECIAL IN COMPARISON TO OTHER PROPULSION SYSTEMS? STEYR MOTORS offers the first real hybrid propulsion system as an integrated solution of an economic high speed diesel engine and an electric motor / booster IN WHICH AREAS IS THE SYSTEM OF AN ADVANTAGE? • marinas, port & harbour facilities • nature reserves • out on the water for calm cruising and safe bathing WHAT ARE THE GENERAL BENEFITS OF A HYBRID • an environment friendly solution • you can cruise slowly and noiselessly without pollution and on the other hand enjoy the advantages of a regular motor boat • basically you have an electric AND a motor boat available • the hybrid does have an on-board generator solution DO THE DRIVING CHARACTERISTICS OF A HYBRID PROPULSION CHANGE IN COMPARISON TO A DIESEL • Advantage: The advantage is that the electric engine supports the acceleration and bypasses the usually common turbo lag. • Disadvantage: If any, the only disadvantage worth mentioning could be the slightly increased onboard weight due to the batteries. HOW CAN A HYBRID PROPULSION SYSTEM FOR BOATS SAVE According to statistics, an internal combustion engine burns every seventh litre of fuel during idling and cold start. The hybrid system offers a smooth, noiseless start and can move out of the marina without burning any fuel. Afterwards, it smoothly and powerfully starts the combustion engine and the battery is recharged while the combustion engines runs in a more efficient load condition. CLEAN EFFICIENT POWER

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DOES THE HYBRID SYSTEM SAVE ENERGY? Overall the hybrid system does not save energy, which differs from hybrid automobiles. Little or no energy can be gained from dynamic braking. The advantage is rather based on the fact that batteries can be recharged out on the water and the newly obtained energy can immediately be used for the equal-zero-emission and silent electric engine. IS SPECIAL SERVICE OR MAINTENANCE NEEDED? • No: The service and maintenance can be provided by any STEYR MOTORS dealer. Basically it works just like with any other diesel engine; however, the STEYR MOTORS solution...

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