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STEYR HYBRID SOLUTION The HYBRID PROPULSION is now ready for production and can be installed on all engines and drive combinations. The electric motor • In Starter Mode, the combustion engine can be started with the electric motor. The conventional starter motor can be eliminated or provide some • In Generator Mode, the extended battery unit is • In Electric Cruise Mode, the boat is driven purely by the electric motor. The battery unit is constantly supervised on its state of charge and battery condition. This is brought to the attention of the driver through the STEYR CONTROL • In the...

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STEYR MOTORS GMBH arisen from the traditional vehicle manufacturer STEYR DAIMLER PUCH AG. With pride and paired with the necessary self-confidence, we have accepted the new challenges of the market. Today, we present ourselves as an innovative manufacturer of modern diesel engines for a variety of uses in the industrial, special vehicle and marine business areas. An important market for STEYR diesel engines is the marine market, where the light, extremely quiet and environmentally-friendly diesel engines have achieved an impressive global market acceptance in a really short period of time....

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HYBRID PROPULSION WILL IMMEDIATELY ALLOW EQUIP ALL BOATS WITH THE SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION. FRAUSCHER BOATS In 1927 Engelbert Frauscher founded the first shipyard at the "Old Danube" in Vienna. Quickly he gained an excellent reputation and in the 1930s crafted the O-Yawls for the Olympic Games. 1945 the visionary boat-builder restarted In the 1950s the first own motor boats left the yard. Since then Engelbert's sons and grandsons continuously advanced the development. Also on the water ambitions were crowned with success. Hans and Stefan Frauscher won world champion titles in regatta sailing...

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STEYR MOTORS GMBH, lm Stadtgut BÍ, A-4407 Steyr, www.steyr-motors.com, e.sales@steyr-motors.com, Tel: +43 7252 22220 FRAUSCHER BOOTSWERFT GMBH & CO KG, Traunsteinstrasse 10-14,4810 Gmunden,

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