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> Since the shipyard Frauscher first came into existence, our boats have provided enthusiastic customers with the fascination of boundless freedom combined with pure passion for water. DISCOVER YOUR OWN PLEASURE IN THIS DISTINCTIVE PURSUIT

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CONCEPT WITHOUT COMPROMISE > We develop sailing yachts, motor yachts and electric yachts which enjoy a fine International reputation due to their proven combination of excellent craftsmanship, groundbreaking functional technology, first-class materials and exceptional design. All this derives from the experience of three generations of boatbullders and an outstanding manufacturing team. All staff members are pre-eminent specialists In their field and wholly committed to our high quality standards. This makes it a pleasure for us to dedicate ourselves consistently to producing the very best...

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HISTORY WITH A FUTURE Engelbert Frauscher laid the foundations for today's shipyard In 1927 on the Old Danube In Vienna. With limited resources but a mind full of brilliant Ideas, excellent craftsmanship and iron discipline, he set about turning the dream of his youth into the achievement of a lifetime - an enterprise now steeped In tradition which continues to be run with love and passion to this day. The shipyard Frauscher has built famous boats such as the O-Jolle of 1933 and the legendary world champion H-Boat. For us it Is a matter of passionate dedication and a welcome challenge to...

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> A lot has happened in eight decades of company history. But from the very beginning to the present day we have remained true to our philosophy: at all times we dedicate our efforts to building first-class boats which are simply captivating in every way. STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT OF AN UNCONVENTIONAL ENTERPRISE 1931 Elnheitszehner sailing boat 1933 Olympla-Jolle sailing boat 1955 Wooden electric boat 1966 1958 Fisch motor boat 1966 1960 Untertasse motor boat 1966 1963 Starfish motor boat 1964 Zugvogel sailing boat 1965 Fisch 420 motor boat 1976 Delphin motor boat Gendarmerie boat sailing...

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> We place our trust in sound expertise and a sure instinct for contemporary change. In the future we will continue to pursue this path which has made our boats so coveted among enthusiasts all over the world. VISIONS BECOME REALITY 1979 H-Boat sailing boat H-Boat world champion 1987 Trias sailing boat 1993 Dyas sailing boat 2000 Venezia electric yacht H-Boat world champion 2002 St. Tropez electric yacht 2004 Valencia electric yacht 2005 Lido electric yacht 2006 Riviera electric yacht 2007 Benaco motor yacht

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> Our designers, engineers and boatbullders are wholehearted water sports enthusiasts themselves, as well as being Idealists who regard their profession as a vocation. With their extensive experience and commitment, they form a highly professional team which knows that It is quality - and not quantity - that counts. Their tools include rare qualities such as an unfailing sense of line, sophisticated high-tech solutions, and the finest, painstaking manual craftsmanship characterized by a love of detail: thus equipped, they plan and build boat models in our family shipyard which are treasured...

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VA R I AT I O N S O F P E R F E C T I O N > F rauscher’s core areas of expertise lie in the manufacture of exclusive sailing yachts and striking electric yachts and motor yachts with distinctive style. Sporty, elegant lines, technolo­gical ­refinement, exquisite materials and first-class workmanship are our company’s trademark – ­revealed at first sight in every one of our boats. Our speciality is to combine the longstanding values of legendary classics with components of innovative technology to form a harmonious synthesis which addresses contemporary needs. > C A R E F U L LY C O N C E I...

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> Whatever your personal vision of an exceptional leisure experience out on the water Is, we can offer you the ideal solution. TOP-CLASS WORKMANSHIP TO MEET THE VERY HIGHEST DEMANDS SAILING YACHT SAIL AREA: SAILING YACHT SAIL AREA: SAILING YACHT SAIL AREA:

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> We currently collaborate with reputable dealers all over the world who share our uncompromising quality standards, and we will continue to expand this international network of expert Frauscher partners in the future. For further details see A VIRTUAL FORETASTE OF FANTASTIC POSSIBILITIES 4810 Gmunden frauscher® Austria I Europe

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